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Global Humanitude (SC) is founded on the belief that for a humanitarian response to be effective, all elements influencing it have to work well and in harmony with each other. Humanitarian responses are therefore as efficiently as the elements constituting it.

Its owner and manager, Reem Alsalem, has close to two decades of experience in forced displacement and humanitarian work. She has worked for most of her professional life with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) serving with it on all continents. Remaining faithful to her convictions that a good humanitarian worker is someone who understood all aspects of the humanitarian enterprise, she has acquired experience in all of the important functional areas that make up a humanitarian response. Reem has traveled and lived abroad extensively, and has a profound respect for the local cultures and their resilience.

Global Humanitude (SCS) is committed to quality and accountability in its activities and management practices towards people and communities affected by disaster, conflict and poverty.


Arsima Projects

ARSIMA Projects is providing complementary financial and budgetary support, training, review to projects undertaken by Global Humanitude (SCS).

Reem Alsalem is a senior associate with Incas Consulting Ltd.


Reem Alsalem